Now a division of AOR (Agency Off Record)


On September 18th, 2015, Shocking Creations was acquired by AOR (Agency Off Record)

The entirety of our team came along for the ride, and we’re still offering the same great services as before! Shocking Creations has historically begun each project by taking educated guesses on a brand’s messaging and positioning, then bringing that brand identity to life throughout all things digital. AOR, on the other hand, is an industry-leader with nearly 25 years of experience in crafting brands and messaging, as well as providing award winning advertising and marketing services.

Together, we now have the unique opportunity to bring this multidisciplinary mix of creative, strategic, and technical skills under roof, allowing us to deliver more value to our clients than ever before.

Shocking Creations was founded on the belief that there are enormous inefficiencies in the industries of web and creative design. The up and coming open market for design elements on standardized platforms has presented the unparalleled opportunity to shift the paradigm of the industry in a more favorable direction for small business owners.

To put it another way, Shocking Creations is on a mission to make building and managing a phenomenal website much easier and more affordable.

We’re passionate about problem solving, and we’re inspired by challenges. Maybe it has something to do with choosing to spend our personal time climbing mountains and running races, but we’re happiest in life when we get to utilize our skills and talents to tackle big and unique projects. Most important of all – we believe all matters of business and life should be handled with empathetic support and militant transparency. We’re happy to take your calls and emails day and night, but it’s a core mission of ours to do more than that. You won’t find any fine print or get any cheesy sales tricks from us, we work hard to put ourselves in your shoes and we promise to meet your questions with absolute transparency. It’s the way all business should be done.

Meet the AOR Team