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Original content development is key to making your site authoritative and search engine optimized. As they say, “content is king.” With strategic content development we look into your targeted keywords or brand-based positioning to populate the site with relevant, engaging copy that makes the user experience enjoyable, and pleases Google.

This is a delicate balance. SEO basics like having pages with more than 500 topic based words is good for Google, while users want simple nuggets of information that are easy to digest and understand. Ultimately, our content development bolsters the goals
of our client: whether creating an informative site, driving e-commerce sales, engaging users, or developing a competitive SEO strategy.

Deliverable Options:

  • Complete web site copy (typically 20-40 pages at 1-2 hours per page, depending on degree of technical writing and research required)
  • SEO-driven “hidden pages” (typically 20 pages at 1 hour per page)
Once your site is live, you shouldn’t let it die. A viable, changing, dynamic website increases your web visibility, SEO and keeps users/customers engaged in your product. A digital/social plan looks at your target audience, does a careful examination of how those people are getting new information, and creates a marketing action plan (iMAP) that utilizes those communication channels to tell your story.

This includes social media, blogging, and online promotions. The challenge is creating a “social media” personality that is independent from your brand, but tells a coherent story of your primary brand messaging. All digital and social strategies are developed to fuel the life of your mother site: driving traffic, increasing awareness, and finding new customers.

Deliverable Options:

  • One-year iMAP (internet marketing action plan) that identifies key social channels, and offers insights and how-to’s to engaging those sites, and ideates the first month’s social content. We can also implement the strategies. (iMAP is 10-12 hours, implementation is based on 1-2 hours per day of social engagement, billed as monthly service).
We will determine the best channels of communication for your brand and develop those. Whether it’s textual blogging, video blogging or live Twitter events, we can produce all the content marketing you need. It’s well researched, professionally written and allows your business to remain highly viable. Blog posts are generally 200-500 words, and include an optimized and relevant photo.


  • Depends on strategy, typically billed monthly.
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