Churchill Navigation

This was a fun project for us. When Churchill Navigation contacted us stating that they were looking to build a brand new site that more effectively demonstrates the quality and capability of their augmented reality hardware and software, we immediately went to their site in an attempt to learn what that meant. We were met with a site that felt old and failed to answer our primary question – what exactly do they do?

When we got to their office for our first meeting, they sat us down and began by showing us video footage of their cameras and software in action. It only took a few seconds of watching a helicopter’s footage of a police chase with real time mapping overlaid on the live footage for us to immediately understand what they do and for our jaws to drop at just how cool it was. The takeaway here – video was an incredibly value asset.

We worked closely with the Churchill team over the following weeks to develop a modern, intuitive, and video/large imagery centric website that provides clear demonstrations of their hardware/software in action.


  • Collaboration on UI/UX strategy
  • Custom graphics
  • Produced a custom video for their homepage
  • Manipulation of client photography to fit theme
  • Custom integration of auto-scrolling submenu
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