Crocs Golf

When Crocs decided to launch an independent microsite for their golf shoe line, they called Shocking Creations.

They were looking for a creative outlet, free of the binds of their full corporate website, where they could effectively tell the story behind the shoe line and showcase the technology that goes into it. To help them do so, we built a robust and carefully crafted site that utilized their brand identity materials to maintain consistent branding, but with a more modern flair that really leveraged imagery to tell the story behind the shoes. The site was designed to guide users through background of the shoes and to an ecommerce platform, which was skinned to mimic the corporate site. When a user added a shoe to their cart, it would re-direct to a pre-populated cart page on the main crocs corporate website to complete the transaction.

Unfortunately, as we approached the launch of the site, Crocs decided to move away from the golf line for strategic reasons, and the site was never fully launched. What you see above here is screenshots of the home and technology pages, which include examples of the custom graphics we put together for them.


  • Extensive collaboration on microsite strategy and user experience mapping
  • Custom Graphics
  • Built a unique and custom theme for the project
  • Thorough research and coding to build a dedicated mobile web experience
Shocking Creations was amazing in helping us flesh out website idea and create a website that fulfilled our needs within the parameters of our brand. They took our ideas, built off of them and created a fantastic final product. I’d highly recommend them for any size company.
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