EverCheck, an industry leader in healthcare license verification, works behind the scenes to monitor and report on employee licenses so hospitals can save time and money, take quick action, and avoid unnecessary risk. They came to Shocking Creations looking for a web refresh, and they had a very specific vision for the look, feel, and functionality in mind. We worked together with the EverCheck team and their in-house graphic designer through several rounds of wire-framing, designing, and development, to put together the final product.


  • Extensive collaboration on brand strategy
  • Designed and developed custom CSS and animations to fit the clients needs
  • Thorough SEO work, including but not limited to:
      Initial keyword research to inform the site navigation.
      Strategic creation of page meta descriptions.
  • Submittal of sitemaps to all major search engines.
  • Configuration of industry leading SEO tools and plugins.
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