Foerster Travel, a new and rapidly growing Texas based travel agency, came to Shocking Creations in search of a brand new digital presence, and we ended up building them a brand new website and promotional video.

Anytime you’re using your website to sell experiences, such as travel, it’s crucially important to help your viewers imagine themselves taking part in the experience. To accomplish just that, we focused the site around large images and videos that are both directly and indirectly used to put viewers in the right state of mind and imagine themselves on one of their trips (read more about using large imagery to target peripheral vision).

In addition to building a stunningly beautiful and and intuitive website, it was important for us and for Foerster Travel that the literature on the site effectively tells their story. To do that, one of our talented copywriters interviewed the Foerster Travel team to learn about their company, as well as their target demographics, and used that information to produce fun, direct, and honest content that is strategically designed for their unique audience.

WHAT WE DID (for the website)

  • Extensive collaboration on brand strategy
  • Built custom trip sorting feature
  • Thorough SEO work
  • Graphic design

WHAT WE DID (for the video)

  • Custom Animation
  • All Production/Editing
Check Out The Video!

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