Grillight is an ingenious grilling tool that incorporates high power LED lighting into a restaurant grade stainless steel frame for a stylish look and quality feel. If you have ever grilled out in the evening or just in a dark and smokey grill you know this frustration.

Grillight came to us with an existing shopify site that was functional, but bland and difficult for customers to find on the web. With Father’s Day right around the corner, and some unbelievable press coverage coming in from SkyMall, Oprah, and Fox News, they decided they needed a new site and they needed it fast.

We built the entire site in 1 week, and in 2 weeks we had it live and fully configured with their bank’s merchant services account, their accounting software, and their inventory management software.


  • Extensive collaboration on brand strategy
  • Full ecommerce integration automatically linked to and synchronized with:
    1. Manipulation Of Client Photography To Fit Theme
    2. Their accounting software
    3. Their inventory management software
    4. Their bank’s merchant services account
  • Thorough SEO work, including but not limited to:
    1. Initial keyword research to inform the site navigation.
    2. Strategic creation of page meta descriptions.
    3. Submittal of sitemaps to all major search engines.
    4. Configuration of industry leading SEO tools and plugins.
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