Performance Systems Incorporated General Contractors (PSIGC), a Honolulu based general contracting firm, came to us with a unique and exciting challenge. Their company’s incredible growth and rapidly expanding portfolio had dramatically outpaced their existing website, so much so that it was actively hindering their recruitment efforts. What they needed was a modern, intuitive, and responsive site that would attract college recruits while leveraging their extensive portfolio to make it abundantly clear that they truly are experts in their field, and that’s exactly what we delivered, complete with all ~115 portfolio items. We decided that a video would be the most valuable and effective tool to tell their story, and we built this for them to leverage on their homepage and throughout their site and various marketing materials. Take a look!


  • Extensive collaboration on brand strategy
  • Developed a brand style guide
    1. Created a new color pallet designed to feel industrial yet modern, without interfering with brand/logo recognition.
    1. Updated their logo with new color pallet.
  • Produced a motion graphic video to tell the story of PSIGC’s growth story.
  • Thorough SEO work, including but not limited to:
    1. Initial keyword research to inform the site navigation.
    1. Strategic creation of page meta descriptions.
    1. Submittal of sitemaps to all major search engines.
    1. Configuration of industry leading SEO tools and plugins.
Check Out The Video!

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