Surna (SRNA), a truly innovative company that’s bringing disruptive technology to the cannabis industry, presented us with a fun and unique challenge.

When designing and building a brand new site for them, they wanted to clearly position themselves as unparalleled leaders in the cannabis industry, but do so with avoiding anything green (literally and metaphorically). As a business that provides products and services designed to make the cannabis industry more intelligent and efficient, we needed to design a site that would be perceived as modern, intuitive, and professional.

Doing so required the creation of custom post types for their buzz/news section, a custom blog page, integrated iframes and scripts from a 3rd party development firm, and the creation of a custom submenu with smooth scrolling to on-page links.

WHAT WE DID (Beyond designing and building the site)

  • Extensive SEO research and implementation
  • Created a Custom Post Type for the Buzz/news section
  • Custom blog page with featured post and categorized posts
  • Integrated iframes/scripts from 3rd party development firm
  • Sub menu integration with smooth scrolling to on-page links
  • Thorough implementation of industry leading security tools
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