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How does the training work?

Our mission is to set you up for success with your site. To be successful with it, you’ll need to be able to make additions and changes on your own to announce new sales, events, and promotions, and to keep your content up to date. You shouldn’t be stuck paying traditional design firms hundreds/hour to make minor adjustments. It’s time for a change.

Content management systems such as WordPress have become the industry standard, and that means the volume of self-help materials and free tutorial videos on the web is enormous and growing exponentially. We’ll get you started with a few recommended videos/resources to take a look at, then once a rough draft of your new site is complete we’ll begin walking through it page by page. We will show you how it all was built, teaching you how to make any desired revisions, and answering questions all the while.

Once the site is live and our 1 on 1 training is complete, we’re still here to help. As you have questions pop up down the road, we’ll not only answer them thoroughly – we’ll make screen recordings of ourselves solving them for you so that you can reference them in the future. Additional tech and feature support is available in the Pro and Hands Free packages.


Why do you put so much importance on training?
Most design firms view ongoing support (at a substantial hourly rate) as a major revenue stream. We don’t.

Our success as a business is dependent on producing incredible websites and providing outstanding customer service, and the best possible way for us to do that is to set you up for unparalleled future success. When you win, we win. It’s as simple as that.

There's no way you can teach me how to write code...
That’s not exactly a question, but we appreciate the challenge anyways! The beauty with WordPress and our development process is that you’ll never need to learn how to write code!

Don’t get us wrong, a little knowledge of very basic HTML will go a long way, but even that can be avoided. If you want to add a button to a page, you’ll be able to simply select a button style, give it text and a destination link, and click ‘insert’ – the coding will take care of itself!

Every web design company offers training, how are you different?
Traditional design firms tend to be stuck in the mindset that the only way to build something right is to build it themselves (from scratch), and often times they do it in their proprietary content management system. These sites require knowledge of complex coding to modify and the content management systems are generally difficult to navigate.

All in one services like GoDaddy, 1&1, Square Space, etc. can be nice for something small and simple, but your options are extremely limited. You can only use the pre-built templates and training materials they provide, and you have no access to the open market of hundreds of thousands of incredible design elements.

Traditional firms give you great customization capabilities, but they sacrifice the ability for you to learn to manage your site. All in one services make it easy to manage, but they dramatically reduce your options and capabilities. The internet has evolved, and we think it’s about time the web-design industry does too. At Shocking Creations you’ll get the best of both worlds – phenomenal design with unlimited options and extremely user friendly site management. When we combine that with our comprehensive training, you’re in the best possible position to succeed.

Which training package is right for me?
Are you computer savvy and the kind of person who enjoys the process of teaching yourself how to use different software and web applications? If so – the Basic Package (included with every web design) is probably right for you, even if you have no previous experience.

Is your new site going to be large and/or complex? Does learning how to manage it yourself sound daunting? The Pro Package will be your best bet.

Would you rather have the safety and security of knowing your site is guaranteed to be up and running at peak performance and the cutting edge of the latest trends in SEO? Leave it to us to manage your site for you with the Hands Free Package.

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Training & Support Packages
Basic training is included at no extra cost with every web and mobile site that we design. With it, you’ll have all the tools you need to take ownership of your site once it goes live and make future edits.

  • A personalized package of self-study materials
  • 5 hours of 1 on 1 training
  • 5 how-to videos specific to your site
  • 3 months of tech support after the site goes live
The Pro Training Package, with extensive personalized training and ongoing support, is perfect for those coming into the web design process with little to no previous experience as well as those hoping to finish the process having fully mastered the ins and outs of their website.
  • A personalized package of self-study materials
  • 10 hours of 1 on 1 training
  • 10 how-to videos specific to your site
  • 6 months of tech support after the site goes live
  • 3 months of unlimmitted assistance with edits and feature requests
Would you rather entrust the daily upkeep, feature ads, and strategic modifications to the professionals? No sweat, leave absolutely everything to us.

We’ll schedule regular calls to discuss site performance and desired changes and updates, and we’ll keep you at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and SEO trends.


  • Weekly calls to discuss desired edits and feature requests
  • Monthly performance report outlining an SEO analysis, statistics in key metrics, and strategic suggestions for edits and feature builds
  • Round the clock technical support