Web Design & Development


Increasing traffic from mobile and tablets has fundamentally shifted both technological and UX web design trends. Mobile compatibility isn’t an afterthought for us, it’s something baked into the initial strategy and executed on throughout the duration of any build.


Don’t make your customers think. When someone lands on your site, we ensure they innately understand how to use it and how to find the information they’re looking for.


You have precious few seconds to tell a visitor who you are and why they should care, and page speed / load time plays an incredibly significant role in that. By providing immediately scalable hosting and leveraging the top tools available, we ensure your page speed is fully optimized.

Need your new site finished yesterday?

Shocking Creations is now offering Rapid On-Site Web Development, where we’ll come to your office and work around the clock until the job is done.
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Large quantity of pages and content, strict requirements to adhere to well established brand identity, professional team providing copy and imagery.


An auxiliary website with independent links and address that is accessed mainly from a larger site.


Large focus on marketing and disseminating information to a defined user base.


Sell goods, services, and downloadable digital materials.


Developing a brand identity from scratch and putting a large emphasis on educating visitors to who you are, what you do, and why they should care.

Our step by step process to web design is well oiled, but it’s also flexible. No two sites are ever the same and they all have their unique requirements. Fortunately, we’ve been at this long enough to see most of them coming in advance, and you can expect smooth sailing from the strategy stages all the way to launch and training.
We work with clients to establish their vision for their dream site, then walk them through the most effective steps to take them from A to Z. Whether we’re starting with a theme and writing extensive custom CSS5 and javascript on top of it, or starting 100% from scratch in Photoshop and designing our own custom themes, the design options are limitless.

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We build nearly exclusively in WordPress. 1 in 4 websites built globally today are built on WordPress, their blend of back-end accessibility and ease of use is unparalleled, and theme and plugin marketplaces provide endless opportunities. No two projects are ever the same and some require far more custom development than others, but writing and modifying everything from CSS to PHP, and building custom plugins, is all in a day’s work.
Brand strategy, keyword research, UI/UX, and user flow mapping are included as an afterthought all too often in web design. Before pen ever meets metaphorical paper for the development of a site, we spend hours on research and wireframing to make sure every bit of interaction on a site is tailored to fit a unique and highly targeted audience.

  • Speed
  • Approach
  • Price
  • Training
  • Availability
We do things a little differently

Shocking Creations was founded on the belief that there are enormous inefficiencies in the industries of web and creative design. The up and coming open market for design and development elements on standardized platforms has presented the unparalleled opportunity to shift the paradigm of the industry in a more favorable direction for small business owners.

The days when building it right meant building it from scratch was your only option are long gone, and by leveraging the nearly limitless marketplaces of thoroughly vetted modular design and development assets, and building custom code on top of them when necessary, we’re able to build sites better, faster, and more affordably than our more traditional competitors.

We’re not experts at everything
The purpose of this (and just about any site) is to promote strengths, but we want to be equally upfront about our weaknesses.

Call it ill-advised, call it shocking, but we want to take this opportunity to address and outline things that we’re not experts in (at least not yet ;).

  • Software Development
  • Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • .NET / C#
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Building the next reddit/facebook/tindr
  • Building Spaceships / teleportation
We do, however, have good friends at, and relationships with, some of Colorado’s biggest and best development firms that are experts in the fields we just mentioned above, and we’re always happy to make introductions.
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